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Darien United Methodist Church-Darien, Georgia

From the historic marker, “On November 29, 1841, the cornerstone was laid for Darien Methodist Church on Vernon Square. This church, set afire twice by Federal troops in 1863, did not burn and became the rallying site for the rebuilding of Darien. Destroyed in 1881 by a hurricane, it was replaced in 1883 by the present sanctuary. The Women’s Society, begun in 1878, raised funds for rebuilding.”

Lawrence Bailey Daniels Marker at St. Andrews Cemetery-Darien, Georgia

Lawrence Daniels Bailey’s cause of death was “grippe,” which is the 19th Century term for the flu. He died at age 6 and is buried in St. Andrews Cemetery in Darien, Georgia. His marker was sculpted by John Walz. Many assume that Walz’s works are only in Savannah, but they can be found outside of Savannah. The cherub represents innocence and is a common symbol on children’s graves.

Emanuel House of Prayer-Darien, Georgia

Once known as Grace Baptist Church, this Gothic Revival building always gets my attention when I drive through Darien. In researching this church, it is also listed as the Imanuel House of Prayer. It is a contributing property to the local historic district.