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Pon Pon Chapel of Ease-Colleton County, South Carolina

A chapel of ease is a place of worship set up by the parish church to provide easy access for parishioners to worship without traveling a long distance. Pon Pon Chapel of Ease was one of the houses of worship.

At first a wooden building was constructed in 1725. A brick church was completed in 1754. It burned to the ground. It was rebuilt from 1819-1822. It burned, too, in 1832.

Over the years, the chapel has become more unstable as storms have gone through the area. In 2020, Hurricane Matthew further destabilized the building when it damaged the front edifice of the building.

Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery-Jacksonboro, South Carolina

Colleton County

Tympanum marker of Eleutheros Dana, 1761-1788
The slate marker reflects a popular type of marker in New England. The Dana family moved from Connecticut to South Carolina.

Bethel Presbyterian Church was founded in 1728 outside of Walterboro, South Carolina. The church relocated to the town of Walterboro. The original church burned in 1886.

The gravestone markers reflect the style of markers most commonly seen in the 17th Century to mid-18th Century.

Dr. William Frederick Fraser, 1819-1859. The clasped hands reflect that the person was married when they passed.
Annie Neyle, 1859-1861. The weeping willow represents life after death.
Mary Lockwood, 1735-1811

St. James the Greater Catholic Church-Catholic Hill, South Carolina

Located south of Walterboro, South Carolina, St. James the Greater Catholic Church traces its beginnings to Irish plantation owners who worshipped in the church with the people they enslaved. The congregation began in 1826.

After the end of Civil War, many enslavers abandoned their land. Vincent de Paul Davis, a new freedman, took it upon himself to educate others about the Catholic faith and encourage others around him to continue the practice of the Catholic faith.

In 1909, a new church building was built for this important Black congregation. It was destroyed by a tornado. The current church was rebuilt in the Gothic Revival style in 1935 using materials from the old church building.