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Taw Caw Missionary Baptist Church-Summerton, South Carolina

The historic Black congregation was founded after the Civil War when newly freedmen and women wanted to worship separately from the white church that they were forced to attend with their enslavers. Many members of the congregation came from the local Taw Caw Plantation, so named because the Taw Car River runs near the property.

The original part of the church building was constructed in 1859 when it served as the church building for the white Baptists of Summerton, SC. In 1885, the church was purchased from the white Baptist congregation for $400. This original building still contained the original slave galleries built on the second floor.

More history of the church can be read on their website.

Moses Williams (1867-1915)
Lucreather Washington, (1887-1931)
A vernacular headstone where the letters have faded.