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Hartmann Children at Bonaventure Cemetery-Savannah, Georgia

Mary (1858-1860) and Emma (1860-1861) Hartmann were the young daughters of Catherine and Claus Hartmann. Like so many young children in the 1800s, they lost their life at a young age. John Walz is the sculptor on this marker.

Schafer marker at Bonaventure Cemetery-Savannah, Georgia

Peter (1841-1902) and Mary (1851-1890) Schafer were German immigrants. Peter made his living as a baker. At one point, he was running three different bakeries in Savannah.

This is a John Walz designed marker.

Julie Denise Backus Smith Monument-Savannah, Georgia

Known as the “Cemetery Jogger,” Julie Denise Backus Smith (1946-2003) was a city commissioner and philanthropist in Savannah, Georgia. She was an avid runner who completed several marathons. Her mother commissioned this bronze grave marker that celebrates her love of running.