The Gravesite of Nanyehi-Benton, Tennessee

Overlooking the Ocoee River in Benton, Tennessee are the graves of Nanyehi (known more by her colonized name of Nancy Ward), her son Five Killer, and her brother Longfellow. Nanyehi was known as a Beloved Woman of the Cherokee because of her bravery in a battle and for how she kept her tribe safe during the American Revolutionary War.

By the age of 17, Nanyehi was married to Tsu-la and had two children. She fought alongside her husband against the Creek Nation. When he died during the war, she took his gun and helped in the battle.

In the late 1750s, she married a man named Bryan Ward from South Carolina. Ward was married to another woman in South Carolina. Ward and Nanyehi had one daughter. Ward eventually moved back to South Carolina to be with his other wife and children.

Nanyehi stayed in the area and ran an inn until her death.

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