Mount Hebron Baptist Church-Hartwell, Georgia

The structure of the Mt. Hebron Baptist Church is interesting enough to document. The castle-like structure symbolizes God’s kingdom. I am sure there are people who know the Bible much better than I do who can tie Bible verses to the designs in the facade. Along with the longtime history of the congregation being in Hartwell, it falls into the type of church I would traditionally document.

I became aware of this church after reading about it in The Washington Post and decided to document it. Pastor Grant Myerholtz, a native of Hartwell, Georgia, moved back to Hartwell after a stint in the National Guard. After a fall that injured his brain and spine, he picked up the book The Ragamuffin Gospel, which focused on unconditional grace. He has built his congregation around this belief that everyone is welcome and has revitalized a dying congregation by doing so.

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  1. Pastor Grant Myerholtz was recently a guest host on Psalm 23 Podcast: Living the Gospel in Modern Times on Episode 6 – Mob Mentality: From Judgment to Compassion. His teachings is spot on to the love and compassion that Jesus taught us in the Gospel. Give it a listen when you get a chance.

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