The Last Slave Cabin-Lincolnville, Florida

For many years, this building was always talked about by the homeowners and people in the neighborhood that it was a slave cabin. Research and an archeological dig proved that it was. It has been restored in the last few years.

From the historic marker, St. Augustine’s most famous garage building began its life long before the automobile age. The crack running down the east wall from top to bottom shows the original length of the structure, before it was enlarged in the 1920s for automobile and storage needs. Built in the decades before the Civil War, it was part of Buena Esperanza Plantation which covered the southern tip of the peninsula. Constructed of the native shellstone, coquina, as are all but one of the city’s oldest buildings, it is the sole known survivor of the many plantation slave cabins shown in several parts of the city on a map made here right on the eve of the Civil War.”

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