Palmour House-College Park, Georgia

The Palmour House was built in 1892 for Dr. William and Alice Crenshaw and their family. The home was affectionately known as “Annabelle.” I am unable to determine why. There are no immediate relatives with the name of “Annabelle.”

The home was built by Alice’s brother, William Cox, who graduated from Cornell University. He also designed Cox College, a women’s college that once operated near the home.

The home was constructed of brick from the dirt excavated to build the enormous basement.

The home later became known as the Palmour House. Dr. Crenshaw’s daughter, Mary Louise, and her husband, Oscar, purchased the home from the Crenshaw estate.

Dr. Crenshaw and his daughter were talented gardeners, especially with flowers. At one time, a chrysanthemum was named for Mary. I am unable to locate an image of the flower.

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