Lincoln Cemetery-Atlanta, Georgia

Fulton County
The crypt of Reverend Doctor Ralph David Abernathy and Doctor Juanita Odessa Jones Abernathy is decorated with lipstick kiss marks. In addition to being a leading civil rights activist, Juanita was a successful Mary Kay salesperson and was noted for her lipstick color.

Founded in 1925 as Fairview Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery is the final resting place for many notable Black Atlantans. Tiger Flowers, the renowned boxer, was one of the original benefactors to help develop the cemetery. The cemetery is over 100 acres, with many of the acres not yet developed.

Dr. Hamilton Holmes (1941-1995) desegregated the University of Georgia.
Tiger Flowers (1895-1927) was a renowned boxer, who passed away after surgery. His gravesite is behind the chapel. Before the chapel was built, his plot was in of the more prominent locations of the cemetery.
Leila Mae Williams (1912-2021) ran Leila’s Dinette on Fair Street. This article in the Atlanta Voice gives a good summary all of her accomplishments.
Reverend Hosea L. Williams, Sr. (1926-2000), the noted civil rights activist, rests at Lincoln.
W. A. Scott, the founder of Atlanta Daily World, was murdered outside his home in 1934. His murderer was never caught.
One of the many sculptures that dot the landscape at Lincoln.

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