Deckner House-Atlanta, Georgia

Fulton County

Atlanta’s history of saving important structures is weak, at best. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that an 1866-1867 central hallway cottage is still standing in Atlanta. It is a contributing structure to the Capitol View Historic District.

Frederick Deckner and his family arrived from Wisconsin in 1866 after one of his sons, Charles, urged his father to take advantage of the Atlanta climate for farming. They are one of the early settlers of this part of Atlanta. They built up several homes surrounding the original cottage, which are still standing.

While the home is structurally sound, its location lends neglect and possible vandalism. My understanding is that it is owned by the Atlanta Metropolitan College. If there are plans to do something with the land, the house should be moved because of its historical importance to the city. It is surrounded by privately owned property, so I recommend not trespassing.

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