New Springfield Baptist Church, Georgia

Alexander, Burke County

My friend and I had decided we wanted to drive around Burke County taking photos. When I realized that Ahmaud Arbery was buried in Burke, we put it at the top of our list to document. It was a surprise to see this church where a paved road transitions to a dirt road to have a sign honoring Betty White. It shows how she touched many people with her spirit of caring and sense of justice for all.

Some of Ahmaud’s descendants are from Burke County, so it’s not a surprise that this is his final resting place. It’s clear that people are tending to his grave regularly despite its relative remoteness.

Additionally, this cemetery also highlights two grave markers I’ve seen repeated in rural Black cemeteries. One is a marker with the applique cherubs, and the other is the boxy concrete headstone. I’ve seen both types in several cemeteries in Georgia.

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  1. I went to this church as a kid my parents and family members are buried there, it use to double as a school.

  2. The photo that you took of Ahmoud Arbery grave, he is my second cousin. the second photo is the photo of my father and mother grave they have the angle head stones. You also have a one room school house that you was not sure what it was.

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