Caney Head Methodist Church-Roosterville, Georgia

Heard County

Caney Head Methodist Church is typical of a Southern rural church, but one of its most famous residents, Mayhayley Lancaster, a lawyer, political activist, midwife, and oracle, is not.

Mayhayley Lancaster, 1875-1955

As a woman with many professions, she was also the first woman to run for the Georgia legislature. Yet, she is most known for her roles in high profile Georgia trials. She was part of the defense team for the Leo Frank trial. Additionally, she played a role in the Wallace trial, later known as Murder in Coweta County. A made-for-tv movie later starred Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith.

Founded before 1833, the church started in another location about a mile from the current location. According to church records, there have been four church buildings. This one was built in 1897. Still an active church, the cemetery features several different types of grave markers that are prominent throughout the South.

Harriett Lancaster, 1852-1935-This is Mayhayley’s mother. The marker’s symbolism represents the Biblical quote, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”
There aren’t many grave houses left. This is a well-maintained one.

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