Cedar Lane Cemetery-Milledgeville, Georgia

Cedar Lane Cemetery, also known as Asylum Cemetery, served as one of four cemeteries for the population of Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia. While the earliest burials were at Memory Hill Cemetery, the city’s cemetery, this burial ground opened in 1854.

In 1997, a committed group of employees and volunteers worked to restore the cemetery under the guidance of the Georgia Consumers Council and the state of Georgia. They found many of the metal markers, known as stobs, in the nearby wooded area and edges of the cemetery. It is believed the grounds crew did this to make it easier to maintain the landscape. These metal markers were crafted on-site starting in 1911. They replaced the wooden markers that were in use. Since it was unknown where the markers were within the cemetery, the 2,000 stobs were placed in rows.

While most of the cemetery is without headstones, there are a handful of markers throughout Cedar Lane. Patients’ families placed the headstones.

Cedar Lane Cemetery and the other cemeteries are believed to be the final resting place for over 25,000 patients. After restoration, a memorial plaque was placed along with a gazebo and gates. A bronze angel, created by Don Haugen, was erected at the end of one of the roads.

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