Oak City Cemetery-Bainbridge, Georgia

Decatur County
Sarah Will Harris, 1919-1926

Founded in 1853, Oak City Cemetery was the first public cemetery in Bainbridge. There are many Victorian markers in the cemetery, most of which are marking the graves of children. The most famous markers belong to the Bower wives and sister. Judge Byron Bowers married Ellen Dickinson in 1881. When she passed in 1885, he married her sister Annie in 1886. Annie passed less than a year into their marriage.

Ethalynde Griffin, 1900-1910
Annie Dickinson Bower, 1857-1886, & Ellen Dickinson Bower, 1853-1885. They were sisters, and both were married to Judge Byron Bowers. Annie died within a year of marrying Judge Bowers
Hopkins Field, (1891-1891)

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