Summerville Cemetery-Augusta, Georgia

Richmond County
Sophie (1845-1908) and James (1842-1910) Barrett Monument

There are two Summerville Cemeteries in Augusta, Georgia, one Black and one white. They are separated by a block. These photos are from the white cemetery. This cemetery was founded in 1824 when land was deeded by Thomas Cumming for the creation of a cemetery for the families who lived in the area known as Summerville. It’s simultaneously a family and neighborhood cemetery. It is cared for by the Trustees of Summerville Cemetery.

Some notable burials are John Milledge, George Walker Crawford, and Joseph Rucker Lamar.

The cemetery has examples of original Victorian funerary work. It is part of the Summerville Historic District.

Source: Augusta Genealogical Society. (1990). Summerville Cemetery. McGowan Printing Company.

Mary Coskery (1825-1896)
Julia Langdon (1834-1918)
Baker Family Monument
Robert Harper (1829-1830)
Mary (1833-1848) and Sarah (1842-1848) Jenkins

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