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Mount Nebo Baptist Church, School, and Cemetery-Accomack County, Virginia

The church was built in 1891 to serve the spiritual needs of the Black community on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. At the moment, I am unable to find any other information on the history of the church and school.

The schoolhouse with a new addition
Some of the graves with concrete ledgers

Wise Family Cemetery-Chesconessex, Virginia

Entry gate to cemetery

Henry A. Wise owned a plantation not far from the cemetery. Enclosed by a brick wall, burials range from the 1600s to 2017.

Left view
Col. John Wise, 1617-1695
Peggy Gillett, 1736-1808
Tympanum marker for John Wise, 1749-1760
John Wise, d. 1717
Henry Wise, V, 1998-2017