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Jacksonville Branch Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta-Jacksonville, Florida

Designed by A. Ten Eyck Brown and Henrietta Cuttino Dozier, this building was constructed in 1922.

Carillon Tower & Mausoleum at Evergreen Cemetery-Jacksonville, Floriday

The hallmark of Evergreen Cemetery is the mausoleum complex featuring a 96 foot Carillon Tower. The construction began in 1956 and was completed in 1978. The chimes were donated by Fay and Thelma Johnson in honor of their daughter, Jill Joyce Johnson, who died at the age of 7.

Craddock Mausoleum at Sunset Memorial Cemetery-Jacksonville, Florida

I love this mausoleum. This Art Moderne mausoleum belongs to the Craddock family, a once prominent Black family in Jacksonville, Florida. James “Charlie Edd” Craddock ran several nightclubs in the area. The Two Spot was dubbed in the NAACP magazine as “the finest dance place in the country owned by a Negro”. He also had several other business ventures that made him incredibly successful.

He is buried in what once was a prominent Black cemetery that will be restored.

Memorial Cemetery-Jacksonville, Florida

Established by a Leo Benedict, a local businessman, in 1909, Memorial Cemetery is one of several Black cemeteries on Moncrief Road in Jacksonville, Florida. By 1911, the cemetery was run by the Memorial Cemetery Association.

Vernacular marker

The association utilized the Afro-American Life Insurance Company to manage the day to day operations of the cemetery. Abraham Lincoln Lewis served as the president of the company. When it disbanded, the Lewis family continued to manage the cemetery. They managed it until the 1980s when the family turned to a non-profit to run the cemetery. It disbanded and now the city of Jacksonville runs it.

Alice Anderson, 1876-1930, G. U. O. Of O. F. is the abbreviation for Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. Alice was a Most Worthy Grand Superior for the Household of Ruth.
Back of Alice Anderson’s marker

Abraham Lincoln Lewis Mausoleum-Jacksonville, Florida

Abraham Lincoln Lewis (1865-1947) was the first Black millionaire in Florida. He started the Afro-American Life Insurance Company in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to several other businesses he owned, he bought acres of beachfront to create a vacation spot known as American Beach. It became a safe haven for Black Americans to vacation during segregation.

The Art Deco style mausoleum was designed by Leeroy Sheftall and is located in Memorial Cemetery.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic palaces in 1997.