Storefront-Waynesboro, Georgia

I have not been able to determine the history of the building. It was most recently a dialysis center. My best guess was that it was a seed and feed store.

Edward Walker monument-Gibson, Georgia

Located in the Gibson City Cemetery in Glascock County, one of my favorite markers in Georgia. The Walker marker is a standout, especially for a rural cemetery. According to his death certificate, Edward died of the flu. It is listed as part of the Smithsonian’s Save Our Sculptures database.

John J. Kelly Monument at Laurel Grove North Cemetery-Savannah, Georgia

Sculpted by J. J. Horgan, the John J. Kelly monument pays tribute to John J. Kelly (1818-1872), a businessman and a leader in the Irish community in Savannah. The marker was erected by the Hibernian Society, a fraternal society offering aid and support to Irish citizens.

This monument is listed on the Smithsonian’s Save Outdoor Sculpture database and can be found in Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah.

Schafer marker at Bonaventure Cemetery-Savannah, Georgia

Peter (1841-1902) and Mary (1851-1890) Schafer were German immigrants. Peter made his living as a baker. At one point, he was running three different bakeries in Savannah.

This is a John Walz designed marker.

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