Flat Rock Church Cemetery-Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Georgia

One of two cemeteries that sits in the shadow of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Flat Rock Church Cemetery was founded in 1870s. It is one of the few reminders of a community once known as Flat Rock. It is accessible via Riverdale Road.

The MWA on the monument stands for Modern Woodmen of America.

Hart Family Cemetery-Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Georgia

Located amongst the roads and runways of Hartsfield-Jackson International airport are two cemeteries. One of those cemeteries is the Hart Family Cemetery which was started in 1860. It contains several generations of the Ellender (1822-1860) and John (1816-1898) Hart family. The land has been owned by the Hart family and their descendants since the 1840s.

A 1995 assessment of the survey counted eighty-three graves, with most only being marked by fieldstones. The last burial occurred in the 1940s. The cemetery is still publicly accessible via Sullivan Road.

One of the few graves with a marker
An example of the many fieldstones found in the cemetery.
A Google Earth view of the cemetery.

Concord Cemetery, “The Witch’s Graveyard”-Smyrna, Georgia

I visited this cemetery in 2014. I knew it had been vandalized. It’s supposedly haunted. I did not experience any ghosts, witches, or green fog as mentioned in some of the tales I have read online. I am more inclined to believe the bad energy anyone experiences is caused by seeing a cemetery disrespected.

The only thing I was concerned about were there any vandals in the area. You can see from these photos there was a great deal of damage to headstones. I understand that the cemetery is now locked, and the police regularly patrol the area.

Casey’s Hill Cemetery-Atlanta, Georgia

Fulton County

Casey’s Hill Cemetery, at the back of Crestlawn Cemetery, is a family cemetery for John Casey. Even though you access the cemetery through Crestlawn, it is not officially cared for by Crestlawn. It’s best to visit when it is cold because of all the vegetation. John Casey and family lived on top of this hill. It has experienced neglect over the years, but it has been cleaned periodically through the years.

Henry Haney, fifteen year old fireman, is buried here. He was a part of the “The Great Locomotive Chase.” Additionally, Chief Investigator Bert Donaldson is buried here who was shot and killed during an ambush attack during an investigation. His accused murderers were cleared of all charges.

Shiloh Methodist Church and Cemetery-Inman, South Carolina

Spartanburg County

The Shiloh Methodist Church is the oldest extant church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The congregation started after the Revolutionary War. This church building was constructed around 1825. Church services have not been held since 1915, but there is a yearly homecoming every May.

It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

Allen-Wells Cemetery-Spartanburg, South Carolina

Spartanburg County
Jane Wells, 1788-1864

Located in the center of a cul-de-sac, the Allen-Wells Cemetery has ties to the early families of Spartanburg. I believe the cemetery has been restored since I took these photos.

Thomas Allen, 1878-1880
Elizabeth Moss, 1816-1901
Anna Allen, 1845-1900
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