Captain John Triplett monument-Thomasville, Georgia

Thomas County

Titled Judgment, this marker sits in the area called Soldier’s Circle in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia. At the base rests a slab marker for Captain John Triplett (1936-1914), who was a long time editor of the Times-Enterprise in Thomasville.

Designed and sculpted by Robert Reid, this marker is listed on the Smithsonian’s Save Our Sculpture database.

Victorian Monuments at Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery, Georgia

Calhoun County

Located in the Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery, these two monuments exemplify typical Victorian statuary. It’s typical to see a monument with downcast eyes. The wreath represents eternal life and immortality. It can also represent victory over death.

Seashells can represent spiritual protection. It’s a common motif seen on the graves of children.

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