Newton City Cemetery, Georgia

Baker County, Georgia

Victorian Monuments at Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery, Georgia

Calhoun County

Located in the Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery, these two monuments exemplify typical Victorian statuary. It’s typical to see a monument with downcast eyes. The wreath represents eternal life and immortality. It can also represent victory over death.

Seashells can represent spiritual protection. It’s a common motif seen on the graves of children.

Sheppard Monument-Calhoun County, Georgia

Mamie Sheppard’s (1888-1912) monument is located in Salem Cemetery in Calhoun County. This monument is either a copy done by many monument companies, or the company churned out many. I’ve documented this monument in several cemeteries across the state of Georgia.

Cedar Hill Cemetery-Dawson, Georgia

Sallie Losseter Hart, 1846-1887

Cedar Hill Cemetery in Dawson, Georgia is a contributing property to the Dawson Historic District. It started as a rural cemetery but evolved to a more lawn type. There are several impressive Victorian monuments in the cemetery that are all tied to prominent

The elaborate Perry-Mercer monument is part of a larger family plot.
The anchor represents hope. It also means a safe voyage to Heaven.
Ella Christie, 1860-1888
Myrtis Ray, 1884-1885
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