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Moore-Lewis House-Sparta, Georgia

From the Sparta-Hancock Historical Society’s Walking Tour, “The house has an older section dating to perhaps in 1820z In 1840 it was turned into a four-square with a center hall. Italianate trim around the eaves indicate this was added when the style became popular in the 1850s. It was the home of Sparta Mayor Robert H. Lewis, who also served in the state legislature. His tenure as mayor extended the town limits and built a new school in 1895. He and his brother Sidney co-edited the Sparta Ishmaelite newspaper.”

Charles Madden House, Georgia

Tennille, Washington County

This Queen Anne House was designed by architect, Charles Choate, who focused on designing buildings and homes in the South. Charles Madden was a Black railway clerk who worked his way up the ranks and was able to afford and contract a known architect to build his home. Tennille has the railroad that rights through town, and the tracks are a less than a bock from this home. It was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Cates House and Store-Glenn Springs, South Carolina

Spartanburg County

Built as a home in 1885, Robert Allen Cates, the town’s postmaster, lived here with his family until he chose to make it into a general store. In 1938, the nearby church used it as a Sunday school. The building was recently restored. It’s a contributing building to the Glenn Springs Historic District.

Smith House-Glenn Springs, South Carolina

Spartanburg County

Located in historic Glenn Springs, this transitional Greek Revival home belonged to Lillie Mae and Bill Smith. It’s still in the family, and they do have a desire to restore. I understand there is a grand staircase in the home. I highly recommend a visit to the town because of the historic buildings there.